Inspiring Alumni Award Selection Committee

Inspiring Alumni Award Selection Committee

Joe Lesiak, Illinois State University ‘11

“Mentoring relationships like the ones formed through College Mentors for Kids allow kids to build on their strengths and reach their full potential. “

Mary-Hannah English, Purdue University ‘16

“I support mentoring and College Mentors for Kids because of the lasting impact that is made through the organization. I believe that building a strong community through youth mentoring is critical for the future success of our communities and country. Kids deserve mentors to help enable them to succeed and believe in themselves.”

Meredith Peloso, Virginia Tech ‘18

“I support mentoring for College Mentors for Kids because this program changes lives. Weekly activities allow young students to see what opportunities can wait for them once they grow up. I’ve seen students emerge from their shells to say they want to work in construction or be a musician because they had so much fun at an activity day. Sometimes what a kid really needs is consistency, and a one-on-one mentor/buddy relationship gives them just that. They may not realize the possibilities that await them sometimes, and this program gives them those opportunities. “