Chapter Awards

Congratulations to Our 2023 Chapter Award Winners!

We love celebrating our chapters and college students for the great work they do, and each year we recognize those people and chapters who went above and beyond. The following people were nominated by their peers and selected by a committee made up of alumni and College Mentors staff. Thank you to all of our amazing volunteers and partners who make this program possible. 

Chapters of Year Award Winners

Marian University

“The love this chapter has for their little buddies is out of this world! The mentors and chapter leaders are so close to the kids, and the ADP knows that many of them are going to want to keep in touch after the program year has ended. It is so awesome to see a group that cares so much. 

They also have a generally positive chapter culture among exec staff and mentors. They are closeknit but also get things done, which can be a hard balance to strike. They are just fantastic!”

University of Indianapolis

“The chapter leaders are creative and think about things in a way that goes beyond their own campus. For example, they were doing a fundraiser that involved selling Pacers tickets, but they wanted to offer the opportunity for all chapters in the area to participate as well. Their goal was to create some community among chapters, not just within their own chapter.”

Illinois State University

“The chapter leaders demonstrate professionalism in every interaction. You can tell the chapter is run by people who understand kids and take policies seriously. They have also done a great job cultivating a culture of strong leadership…”

North Carolina State University

“The chapter is great at modifying activities to make them age appropriate. There is also an excellent feedback loop between the people on the ground leading activity and the activity planning team. They have made a lot of modifications to activities this year based on what they heard little buddies want and need.”

The Dr. Paul E. Schmidt Mentors and Chapter Leaders of the Year Award Winners

Nicole Lawson, University of Missouri

“She has been in our program for all four years. She has mentored multiple little buddies but also other staff. She was a GM last semester and mentored our new GM this semester. Her leadership truly shined through in this instance. She took charge and utilized her skillset when she saw someone was in need of some assistance in his role.”

Addie Johnson, University of Louisville

“Addie has worked extremely hard both with the mentors and the exec staff. She has been at every activity day, recruitment event, and fundraiser. She leads by example putting 110% in to the chapter motivating us all to want more for our chapter and our little buddies.”

Cymphanie Rowell, University of Indianapolis

“Cymphanie has really changed this buddy’s life. I know I have said that so many times I’m so many different ways, but I just cannot say it enough. I have never seen a Buddy and mentor bond so fast so well. It’s simply amazing.”

Peyton Leonard, Illinois State University

“Peyton has inspired those around her by always be actively engaged and taking initiative. She always is willing to take charge and step in as needed. She subs for a GM during pre-activity. Other little buddies gravitate towards her as well, and they wish to spend time with her along with their own buddy. She brings a ton of energy and enthusiasm to our team!”

Sofia Russo, Virgina Tech University

“Sofia is an amazing mentor who gives it her all. She was in not involved in extracurriculars before CMFK and didn’t have much motivation to do anything on campus. Once she joined the program all that changed. I have watched her personality and motives change once her little buddy entered her life. CMFK has changed Sofia, and I couldn’t be more proud of where she has come in this program. I couldn’t think of a more deserved candidate for this award.”

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