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College Mentors Makes Lasting Change for Kids and College Student Volunteers

Mentoring makes a difference. Children in the program feel more confident about themselves. They are thinking about future careers and higher education while still in elementary school. And our college student mentors are developing a sense of leadership, purpose and love for engaging in their community.

Even during a year where kids and mentor met virtually, the power of connection was evident. Based on surveys from the 20-21 school year, here’s what our little buddies, college students, and families had to say about the program.


84% of little buddies said they saw more things about themselves that were good as after being a part of College Mentors.


70% of families whose kids participated in College Mentors saw an increased frequency of believing in themselves.


73% of families said their kids showed an increased frequency of voluntarily behaving in a positive or helpful manner as a result of participating in College Mentors.


75% of chapter leaders say they are better prepared to enter the workforce as a result of College Mentors.


89% of mentors and chapter leaders say they’ve gained leadership skills through their involvement with College Mentors.

Kids who were mentored pay it forward:

“I loved the College Mentors program when I was enrolled in it as a student, but now that I am a Mentor, it is very sentimental to me. I want the best for my Little Buddy and hope to see her grow as a student and become very successful.”

College student volunteers continue to give back to communities even after they graduate:

“This experience has helped to form what I want my contribution to society to look like, and how I want to stay involved as I grow older.”

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