Welcome, Families!

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Thank you for your interest in joining College Mentors for Kids! College Mentors for Kids is a mentoring program that matches elementary school children with college student mentors. College Mentors is all about exposing children to higher education and helping them succeed in life. Children discover new careers and learn the value of working hard in school today so that they can achieve their goals in the future. Mentors encourage children to reach for the stars and believe in their dreams.

College Mentors inspire growth, confidence, and brighter futures. Each week your child will participate in developmentally appropriate activities about higher education and career, culture and diversity, or community service. If your child has been selected by their school to participate in College Mentors for Kids, we’re excited to meet them! Our national, after-school program pairs elementary students with a college student mentor for an entire academic year. Your child will learn alongside a college student mentor during weekly activities. All costs are covered by College Mentors for Kids.

While many of us hope to return to in-person mentoring, we are still finalizing plans for this fall based on local community guidance. The enrollment form reflects the current assumption about program delivery method in your community. It is possible that this may change at some point during the year. Thank you for your flexibility!

With On-Campus College Mentors, buddy pairs (your child and his or her mentor are called a “buddy pair”) visit the college campus weekly for two hours after school. Several buddy pairs join together to form a buddy family, and all activities take place with these groups.  Learn about our COVID safety protocols.

In College Mentors at Home, buddy pairs connect weekly for hour-long Zoom video chats or phone calls in the late afternoon or evening with several other buddy pairs and a group leader who helps facilitate the activity and the discussion.