Mentoring Stories

Meet Shamaine and Jena. This is their mentoring story.  

“A lot of people in our schools, they didn’t go to college so none of us had really been to college or on a college campus or anything,”Shamaine said. But then, when she was in 2nd grade at IPS #14, Shamaine was enrolled in College Mentors for Kids at IUPUI where she was paired with Jena, a college student volunteer, for three years. Shamaine explains, “It was a different experience for us, just being around campus. We did a lot of activities [and] went everywhere on the campus.”

Not only was Shamaine exposed to a college campus for the first time, she also developed a bond with her mentor, Jena, which continues today. Jena said, “It was really neat to get to be a part of her life. I remember I went to her Christmas concert at her school, kind of like we were a family member or big sister. We were included.”

The time Shamaine and Jena spent together at College Mentors left an impression. Shamaine shared that being on campus made her think she and her friends could go to college too. She was right. Last fall, Shamaine started her freshman year at Purdue University after graduating from Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet High School. She dreams of becoming a dentist.
Mentoring made a difference in Shamaine’s life. You can make sure all kids have a mentor by supporting College Mentors.