COVID-19 Update

We are sad to share that College Mentors for Kids activities have ended for the 2019-2020 year, with the movement to online learning for universities and elementary schools due to COVID-19 (coronavirus).  Chapter leaders will fulfill their staff roles throughout the remainder of the semester. Activity day staff will focus on match closure, which is the process of saying goodbye to our buddy pair relationships.

The rapid recent changes forced us to say goodbye to our buddy pairs remotely. We recognize that many little buddy and mentor relationships are significant in the lives of both individuals. This year, mentors closed their buddy pair relationships by writing a letter to their little buddies, which was emailed to the family of their little buddies. Check out a few of the letters sent to our little buddies.

Aaliyah and Kendal – OSU Vallan and Lyra – Cornell Jose and Jose – NC State Mariah and Sydney – IU  Dean and Isaac – Butler 
Christina and Avery – Virginia Tech Priyanka and Sereniti – Purdue Pranathi and Supirrea – UC Rhamel and Emmanuel – NC State

Mentors should have receive more information from their chapter staff. Families, click here for more info.

While we look forward to providing these next steps for buddy pairs, we are disappointed that we are unable to meet in person again this semester. We appreciate all of the time, energy, and support that our volunteers give to make College Mentors for Kids possible in each community! To our graduating seniors and our retiring program partners, we especially want to recognize you. The success of College Mentors for Kids in your community is, in large part, a product of the effort you have put into it over the years. We are sad that our time in-person together ended abruptly and that your last semester in college or at your school was chaotic.

As our College Mentors experiences have taught us, our relationships will allow us to work through the coming weeks together.  Please continue to take care of yourselves and each other!