Community Impact

  •       Mentoring Impacts Your Community

o   Kids with mentors do better in school. 81% of kids in College Mentors report working harder in school. One kid noted, “I have to stay in school and work hard to get my education.”

o   They avoid negative influences… 95% of former College Mentors participants successfully avoided the justice system.

o   …and are more likely to go on to higher education. 3 in 4 former little buddies followed the path to college or trade school.

o   Kids who were mentored pay it forward. “I loved the College Mentors program when I was enrolled in it as a student, but now that I am a mentor, it is very sentimental to me. I want the best for my little buddy and hope to see her grow as a student and become very successful.”

o   College student volunteers continue to give back to communities even after they graduate. 84% of college mentors are likely to participate in additional community service programs after college as a result of being in College Mentors for Kids. “This experience has helped to form what I want my contribution to society to look like, and how I want to stay involved as I grow older.”