Young Professional Group

JOIN Our CENtRAL INDIANA young professionals group, ETC!

College Mentors, EtC is a committee of dedicated professionals in the Indianapolis area who believe in the power of mentoring. EtC members:

  • volunteer with local chapters and provide professional development support for current college student volunteers.
  • participate in fundraising efforts for the benefit of College Mentors for Kids
  • host an annual event to raise awareness and support for College Mentors
  • volunteer time to assist with a variety of projects for the College Mentors national office.



Meet the members:

Alex Blubaugh

  • Team Leader – Materials Management, Eli Lilly and Company
  • BS, Purdue University ’14 (chapter president, general manager, and pr/marketing director)
  • EtC member since 2014; past Chair

“I support College Mentors for Kids because mentoring has the power to break negative cultural cycles. I believe that mentoring is the key to children and everyone fulfilling their potential. I enjoy serving on EtC because the committee is passionate and engaged in furthering the organization’s reach into the Indianapolis community and helping to mentor college students.”

Alex Zawodni

  • Referral Coordinator, OurHealth
  • BS, Purdue University ’14 (chapter vice president of programming, general manager, and mentor)
  • EtC Chair, member since 2015

“I love supporting College Mentors because the program has given me so much more than I have given to it. I learned invaluable lessons during my time as a mentor and student leader on campus–not only from my peers, but from the little buddies our program served every week. I have become a better listener and collaborator, and strive to be a better leader thanks to the impact College Mentors had on me during my time on campus. Serving on EtC has allowed me to continue helping the program grow and succeed while spreading knowledge about mentoring and College Mentors in the Indianapolis community.”

Amelia Shepherd

  • Nursing student, Marian University Accelerated BSN program
  • BS, Butler University ’17
  • EtC member since 2018

“I enjoy being on EtC, because it allows me to work with other young professionals toward a common goal of helping young children learn and grow in ways that will help them in the bright futures that they have ahead of them. “

Chintan Desai

  • Financial Advisor, Valeo Financial Advisors LLC
  • BS, University of Cincinnati ’11; JD, Michigan State University College of Law ’14
  • EtC member since 2014; past Fundraising Chair

“I support College Mentors because it develops in kids a passion for learning, which they can harness to shape the world of tomorrow.”

Dylan Pittman

  • Associate, Barnes & Thornburg LLP
  • BA, Indiana University ’11; JD, Robert H. McKinney School of Law ’15
  • EtC member since 2017

“College Mentors’ mission is to enable young adults to pay their wisdom and experience forward to the next generation. I am excited to be a part of that very worthwhile effort.”

Emily Gregory

  • Accounting Coordinator, Lauth Group
  • BA, Ball State University ’11; Event Management Certificate, IUPUI ’15 (Ball State chapter mentor and general manager)
  • Fundraising & Events Co-Chair; member since 2016

“I love serving on EtC because it is encouraging to see how children’s lives are greatly impacted in various ways through their mentors.”


Jacob Cadwell

  • Auction Services Team Lead – NextGear Capital
  • BS, Indiana University ’12 (mentor and VP)
  • Member since 2017

“I support College Mentors for Kids because I was able to see first-hand the positive impact this organization made on the lives of kids we served”

Jami LaFord

  • Social Worker, Community Health Network
  • BSW, Ball State University ’17 (chapter president, treasurer, and mentor); MSW, IUPUI ’18
  • College Student Engagement Co-Chair; EtC member since 2017

“I fell in love with College Mentors for Kids during my first year as a mentor. Seeing the relationship built between mentors and buddies was absolutely incredible, and I felt called to do more.  Serving as president was amazing, and I knew I would be involved after graduation. Being on EtC was just what I needed, and I am honored to continue to make a difference within College Mentors for Kids.”

Jimmy Cox

  • Director, Student-Alumni Programs for Purdue Alumni Association
  • BA, Purdue ’09; MS, IU ’13 (Purdue chapter mentor)
  • College Student Engagement Co-Chair; member since 2017

“College Mentors had such a profound impact on me, if only for one semester. The work they do with young kids and college student is simple and it works. I support College Mentors because of the inspiration it gives to kids and the leadership preparation it gives young men and women in college.”

Kyle Sherrill

  • Process Engineer at Eli Lilly & Co
  • University of Virginia ’16
  • Member since 2017; Fundraising Committee and General Member

“Education is can be the most important catalyst in a child’s fight against generational poverty. The mission of College Mentors for Kids improves educational access, attainment, and commitment for kids around the nation.”

Laura Hall

  • Transfer Admissions Coordinator at the University of Indianapolis
  • BA, UIndy ’14 (Mentor, Program Intern, ADP)
  • EtC member since 2018

“My life changed when I became involved with College Mentors for Kids as a junior in college, and I continue to be impacted by the work this organization does every day. Children around the country need the support that is unique to the mentor-mentee relationship, and I am honored to be able to support that work by being on EtC.”

Nick Perkins

  • Industrial Engineer – Eli Lilly
  • BS, Purdue University ’18 (GM, Outreach director, and mentor)
  • Member since 2018

“I support College Mentors for Kids because the organization plays a role in breaking down socioeconomic barriers by introducing kids to exciting educational and career opportunities.  Everyone has the potential to contribute to society, and I believe mentoring empowers kids to develop short-term goals and long-term ambition.”

Pat Kenney

The part I love most about College Mentors for Kids is the impact that college students have on the lives of the little buddies. It was amazing to see their development over the course of each school year. That is why I continue to support the program, and why I am excited to continue mentoring as a member of EtC.”

Patrick Sanders

  • First Year Law Student at Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law
  • BS, Marian University ’17 (mentor for all 4 years, National Outstanding Mentor ’17)
  • EtC member since 2018

“I believe it is important to give back to the community. I support College Mentors because of the difference the organization makes in children’s lives.”

Sarah Helms

  • Network Manager of Patient Experience, Community Health Network
  • BA, Hanover College ’12 (chapter president & treasurer)
  • Fundraising & Events Co-Chair; EtC Member since 2017

“I feel very fortunate to have served the Hanover community as a leader and representative of the College Mentors for Kids organization. It has prepared me to be a better leader and mentor in my professional life. My hope is to support College Mentors to allow for other buddy families to feel a connection to their community and grow as future leaders. That is why I continue to support the vision of the organization through EtC.”

Sloan Schafer

  • Financial Operations Staff, Christian Church Foundation
  • BS, Purdue University ’18 (mentor)
  • EtC member since 2018

“I support College Mentors for Kids because of the similarities I see between my own childhood and the childhood of the children we serve. Growing up without a father showed me how difficult it is to not have a mentor in your life, and how easy it can be to turn down the wrong path. During my time as a mentor, I saw how great of an impact this organization has on the little buddies, knowing they have someone who will always be there each week to help them develop into a successful individual. EtC has given me an opportunity to continue to help these children even after I have left college.”

Tara Driscoll

  • Clinical Pharmacy Specialist – Ambulatory Care, Pulmonary Hypertension, Indiana University Health
  • Doctor of Pharmacy, Purdue University ’14 (chapter VP, activities director, and mentor)
  • EtC member since 2015

“I fell in love with College Mentors for Kids during my involvement at Purdue after seeing and feeling the positive impact this organization has on not only the mentors and mentees, but the local community as well. College Mentors builds relationships between big buddies and little buddies that develop a passion for education, community service, and culture and diversity, while having fun along the way. I believe the impact College Mentors has on the community inspires current and future generations to make our society a better place through education and positive mentoring relationships.”

Sophia Kaforski

  • Developmental Preschool Teacher in MSD of Decatur Township
  • BS, Purdue University (mentor and GM)
  • Member since 2015; incoming EtC Chair, fundraising and annual event committees

“College Mentors for Kids has been a big part of my life since I joined the organization in college 7 years ago. After seeing the amazing impact that the program had on little buddies in the program, I wanted to continue my involvement after graduation. Joining EtC has helped me build great relationships with young professionals in the area that are also passionate about College Mentors for Kids, as well as allowed us to work together to raise money so even more children can participate in the program.”