Paul Schmidt

Retired Cardiologist, St. Vincent Medical Group

“College Mentors for Kids is the best mentoring program for elementary school children at risk in this country. It is of vital importance to me and should be for all Americans who care about the future of our country. At the current one-state scale, the program has already created significant improvements in the academic and behavioral performance of the children. It has thus captured the attention and imagination of all those who know and support the effort. I believe this unique work will lead to a higher percentage of these program participants graduating from high school, and living out the uplifting results of wiser and more mature personal decisions compared with their matched peers. My vision, shared by many others, is that when this opportunity becomes available on a nationwide basis, these positive results for the individuals involved will also have far-reaching positive social, cultural, economic, academic and national security consequences, and so improve the lives and futures for all of us.”