Michael Trojnar, Butler University

Why did you join College Mentors for Kids?  “I joined College Mentors for Kids because I wanted to become more involved around campus and I knew I could have an impact on area youth. I stayed involved with College Mentors because of the profound impact I saw in the at-risk youth I worked with on a weekly basis. The time commitment was not overwhelming and the impact was astounding!”

How did College Mentors for Kids prepare you for life after college?  “College Mentors for Kids prepared me for life after college by helping me with my time management skills and by providing me with the opportunity to gain some valuable leadership skills.”

What is your favorite thing about College Mentors for Kids?  “My favorite thing is seeing the dramatic change in the youth involved in the program from the beginning of the school year until the end of the school year. The children were always better behaved, more respectful of other, and were always truly excited to ‘go to college’!”

At the Butler chapter, Michael was a mentor to Brandon and Jaylan and a general manager. Michael works in Indianapolis and continues to volunteer with College Mentors for Kids as a member of College Mentors, EtC.