Meredith Peloso, Virginia Tech

How did you see the program impact college student volunteers? A lot of our volunteers began in the education realm, but I’ve seen it expand to so many engineers, pre-med students, chemistry majors, and so much more. I’ve seen them gain perspective they never had, and have even talked about working non-profits or children into their post-graduate careers. I’ve seen mentors learn to forget about homework and the stress of college for two hours every week and just be present with the kids. It’s transformed their attitudes, and they were able to tell me so.

Why do you continue to support College Mentors for Kids?  I continue to support this program because I believe it has the power to change so many lives. I was able to witness my chapter expand from one partner school to four. We are able to reach that many more kids and show them just how amazing college is, or how many different careers are possible for them.

What else would you like us to know about your College Mentors experience?  I’m so grateful for every person I came into contact with and every child I was able to meet. The entire program changed my life for the better, and inspired my future career choices.

A volunteer during the Virginia Tech chapter’s inaugural year, Meredith served as a mentor, general manager, and vice president of programming. Inspired to pursue a career in education and service by her time in College Mentors, Meredith is now a Resident with Urban Teachers in Washington, D.C. Since graduation, Meredith has continued serving as an advocate for College Mentors.  She is pictured here with little buddy Lilli.