Joshua Reichart, University of Indianapolis

How did you see the program impact college student volunteers? “I believe it impacts college students by simply understanding the world around him or her, as well as placing responsibility on that individual that good can be done in the community. As a college student, you can make a massive impact on a child that can be carried through their years.”

How did College Mentors for Kids prepare you for life after college? “College Mentors helped to prepare me in ways that I had not realized until actually being placed in certain situations. The major skill set that comes to mind is how to build a trusting relationship with a sponsor. While having a little buddy, you make a commitment every week to be a part of their world. They trust that you will be there to not just hang out, but to become a role model. This applies to my job as I need to make sure I follow through with the promises that are agreed to in a contract. College Mentors also helped me to prepare for the business environment when I was the Vice President of the UIndy chapter. I had to not only learn what was going to be asked of me, but also had to learn how to delegate duties to those that I felt could handle the job. I needed to be able to trust those around me, but also keep the mission of the organization top of mind.”

What is your favorite thing about College Mentors for Kids? “My favorite part about the organization was the joy I received from seeing a little buddy smile. That you were the reason for their happiness made all the reason for returning every week to be that Big Buddy!”

Josh volunteered as a mentor and vice president at the UIndy chapter from 2005-2008. Now Senior Manager, Partner Activation for the 500 Festival, Josh recently served as a member of the alumni committee for College Mentors for Kids’ 2017 Twentieth-Anniversary unGALA.