Hannah Vormohr, University of Indianapolis

What is your favorite thing about College Mentors for Kids? I loved that it was a break from my every day school routine and that every week, I felt like I was making a true difference in the lives of these kids. I looked forward to seeing my little buddy every week.

Why do you continue to support College Mentors for Kids?  I was so moved by the enormous impact that I could see we were having on these children as well as their mentors. I believe the power of having a mentor is beyond measure, and I can’t even imagine how much more successful both the buddies and the mentors will be for having been a part of this program.

What else would you like us to know about your College Mentors experience? The opportunity to serve as a leader in this organization was an experience I didn’t even know I needed for my own personal and professional development. I am extremely grateful for all that I learned in this position and for the people who believed in my abilities to do the job!

Hannah was a mentor, vice president of fundraising, and president of her chapter and has continued advocating for College Mentors for Kids since her 2016 graduation. Now a graduate student at the University of Cincinnati College of Pharmacy, Hannah also serves as a leader for student organizations and mentors incoming students. Hannah is pictured here with her little buddy Jozi and Jozi’s sister.