Bridget Hannon Schuda, Butler University

What did you learn from being in College Mentors for Kids? I learned about my love of the nonprofit arena. Prior to starting my college career, I thought I wanted to go into the medical field. However, through my experience with College Mentors for Kids, I learned that I wanted to continue with development. I immediately went to get my Masters in Nonprofit Management and everyday am thankful that I signed up for College Mentors that first day at Butler.

Why do you continue to support College Mentors for Kids? I will say this till the day I die, College Mentors for Kids changed my life. I will continue to support College Mentors for Kids as long as I can and really hope that both sides of the buddy pairs can learn from it like I did.

Are you currently involved in mentoring or other volunteer work? If so, where? I have the privilege of running a mentoring program pairing community leaders in Chicago with children of fallen Chicago Police Officers. It has been an incredible experience and a great way to see my love of mentoring continue.

Pictured here with her little buddy Madi, Bridget served as a mentor and in several leadership roles, including president, during her time with the Butler University chapter of College Mentors for Kids.  Now the Develop & Communications Office for the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation, Bridget recently served as a member of the alumni committee for College Mentors’ 2017 Twentieth-Anniversary unGALA.