2021 Inspiring Alumni Award Recipient: Stephanie Laskey

College Mentors for Kids is proud to honor Stephanie Laskey with the 2021 Inspiring Alumni Award in Mentoring!

Stephanie graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and went on to receive a master’s degree in Public Health. She currently serves as Program Director at Alzheimer’s Association. Since graduating Stephanie has dedicated herself to giving back to her community.

Her nominator wrote:

“Since graduation, she has spent her time, both personal and professional, bettering the lives of others. Her professional career has been spent working in the nonprofit world, advancing the missions of organizations that serve children as well as organizations that serve families impacted by illness and disease. In her role as the Director of Program and Evaluation at the Social Health Association, [she] mentored many educators who went to local schools to provide programming, not just training them in their role but also pouring extra time and energy into making sure they developed professionally from their experience.

She has carried this mentoring attribute to each of her subsequent positions, ensuring that when she worked with others and the opportunity arose, she could serve as a mentor and a guide towards helping them find success. Steph’s passion for helping others strive towards greatness is also evident in her volunteer work in the community. […] In 2015, Steph was honored as one of the top 30 emerging Public Health Educators under age 30 for her tireless efforts. [Her] achievements and dedication to bettering others goes well beyond her professional and volunteer commitments. She is an unwavering friend to everyone who knows and loves her. And perhaps her greatest achievement in contributing to making the world a better place, Steph is a phenomenal mother who uses her time and energy to ensure her young son is empowered, that he learns to be an advocate for causes close to their hearts and others who need the support and a genuinely loving and caring person. Stephanie exemplifies everything College Mentors for Kids hopes their alumni will be after graduating from the program and she greatly deserves this honor!”

As a model alumnus and volunteer, we are proud to honor Stephanie’s innumerable contributions to mentoring and to her community.

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