Sofie Rosenzweig

Name: Sofie Rosenzweig

Hometown: Chicago, IL

University: Northwestern University

Interesting fact: “I have a collection of over 300 pigs in my room at home!”

Why did you get involved with College Mentors? “My friend at Northwestern who already signed up told me about it!”

What impact has College Mentors for Kids had on your life? “I love spending time with children and doing my best to act as a positive role model for them. I am impressed that they care about their futures at such a young age and are taking the steps to seek out opportunities. Not only is my Little Buddy learning, but I am learning right alongside her each week!”

Favorite memory with your Little Buddy: “Every week, my Little Buddy Rania and I write each other letters with a drawing and three new facts about ourselves.”

What would you tell someone about College Mentors if they had never heard of the program before? “It is a great way to spend time with kids, answer all of their questions, and get a break from classes and work!”