University of Toledo Students to Mentor Local Elementary Students Through “College Mentors for Kids” Program

TOLEDO, OHIO – College Mentors for Kids, in partnership with the Hylant Family Foundation, is opening a new chapter at the University of Toledo.

This national youth-mentoring organization brings students from local elementary schools onto college campuses for weekly one-on-one, experiential mentoring activities with college student mentors. The program exposes children to higher education at a young age, when habits are still forming, while simultaneously providing college students with leadership and growth opportunities.

Clare Hylant of the Hylant Family Foundation shared, “As native Toledoans, the Hylant family is thrilled to be sponsoring the new College Mentors for Kids chapter at the University of Toledo. This program provides the opportunity to make a significant difference for the youth of Toledo, a true chance to change what they think is possible and encourage them to reach for their dreams.” The new chapter will serve children from Old Orchard Elementary School of Toledo Public Schools, beginning in fall 2018.

“Partnerships are critical to the success of our program in the community. Hylant has been a long-time supporter of College Mentors for Kids, and we are excited to partner with the Hylant Family Foundation to serve kids and college students in Toledo,” confirmed Sheila Dollaske, College Mentors for Kids Board Chair. The University of Toledo is the fifth chapter in Ohio.

University of Toledo Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Phillip Cockrell shared, “One of UT’s core values is to ‘improve the human condition.’ As an educator, it is imperative that we create opportunities to expose young scholars (little buddies) to what they can aspire to become. UT is committed to moving the student success needle forward by fostering environments for both mentors and little buddies to learn.”

Another part of the campus management team for College Mentors is Demond Pryor, Director of Recreational Services.  Demond stated, “the University of Toledo students will benefit a great deal from the College Mentors for Kids organization, because it is a wonderful opportunity for the amazing Rocket Spirit of service to our community to be on full display. All Rockets believe in enhancing, improving, and providing opportunities for young people in our greater Toledo community and that is exactly what College Mentors for Kids does!”

“I am very excited to get the program up and running here,” said UT student and founding chapter leader Brianna Becraft. “I can’t wait to see the effect the program will have on the kids involved. I hope the program will expand in the future and that the community will see the University of Toledo as a big support system for the Toledo Public Schools.”

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