Jakar & David

Meeting someone new and starting a new relationship can be tough. This can be true even for our kids and college students when they are first paired up. But what better way to create a bond than over a shared, funny experience? That’s what happened to Jakar and David.

Jakar was a little buddy at our Marian University chapter and his mentor was David, a biology major. When talking about their favorite College Mentors for Kids memories Jakar starts, “We made tootsie rolls one time, and it exploded all in my face – from my face all the way down.” David interjects, “This is white powdered sugar. The bag exploded. I’m pretty sure he was wearing a red shirt and then it was completely white.” They are laughing as they tell this story, remembering.

Asked if this is really their favorite activity, Jakar is emphatic, “It is because that day I was having fun. It’s when I was getting to know him.” David shares, “It was our first activity together. I thought it was the funniest thing that ever happened. After the whole tootsie roll thing, [our relationship] just kind of took off from there. That got all of the awkwardness out of the way. It really hasn’t changed a whole lot since then. We just kind of, I don’t want to say we goof around, but we have a lot of fun.” And really, what could be better than that.

Growing Through Mentoring

You’ve probably heard this before: mentoring is a two-way street. But when you talk to kids and college student volunteers in our program, you really see how mentoring impacts them both. Jakar and David of our Marian University chapter are no exception.

Jakar shares, “I’m learning what you can do in college. College Mentors helps me get better at what I’m doing at school.” David echoes this saying, “I’m not helping him nearly as much with his homework anymore. He’s starting to get things on his own. He’s starting to build a lot of self-confidence.”

For his part, David recognizes that he’s also learned from Jakar. “Don’t be afraid to laugh ever because I’m pretty sure anyone could recognize Jakar’s laugh because he’s laughing constantly,” explains David. Because of College Mentors, David’s also become a more outspoken advocate for higher education. “I know not everyone gets to have this experience and that’s kind of sad. When I’m out and about and talking to kids I make sure to put in a plug like, ‘You can’t get by just going to high school anymore. You’ve got to go to college now.’”