Thank You For Joining Virtual Inspire!

Didn't get a chance to join us on Feb. 25? Watch the recorded event below to see what you missed!


College Mentors for Kids spent the year remodeling, renovating, and rehabbing our traditional mentoring program, adapting it for the virtual world of 2020. Although the delivery looked a little bit different, our program still transformed lives through mentoring.

Inspire Celebration allowed attendees to experience how College Mentors for Kids impacts elementary school and college students at 32 chapters in 9 states and highlighted the important work of mentoring, how chapters have adjusted to a virtual program delivery model, and honor chapter leaders, partners, and mentors who are going above and beyond.

Now more than ever, mentoring is needed to provide hope and inspiration for our little buddies and to provide leadership and direction for our college students. We are grateful to those who made Inspire and Week for the Kids a huge success. Together we raised more than $91,000 in support of mentoring. Didn't get a chance to attend? Feel free to watch the recorded event above and look through the activity sheet we created for the event or give to help transform lives.